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Lived in Japan, now back in Australia. Currently training for my firefighting exams in December!! Off to the WKC in 2015! Aussie Aussie Aussie!! Most exciting things in my life; kendo and firefighting. <3 Thank you for visiting!

Training update

We have the Cairns Cup this Sunday, which I’m really pumped for! Also the Aus team coach reckons there is a chance he might fly up for it.
Probably not though because I haven’t heard anything yet.

Training last Thursday was awesome! We have been doing shiai practice in preparation for the cup, and at the end I was asked to demonstrate shiai with two other senior members.
I end up winning, and I think we put on a good show for the juniors.

Now I have a chest infection and a cold which happens EVERY time i do too much too soon.
Last week I smashed myself at the gym, was sore for 3 days later, but still did my cardio and kendo sessions all days - and now I’m sick. The pressure is there though.
Need to visit a physiotherapist I think.

That’s it for now!!

New Followers!

Thanks guys!

Also, I read all the replies on my stuff! Thank you!

I used to actually reply to every one of them but now tumblr makes it too hard, so if you have any specific questions for me or anything to say in general, just pop it in my ask box and I will reply there!


Wearing the men, helmet at Kendo training in AizuWakamatsu, Japan - Photo © Flavio Gallozzi - All rights reserved.

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Wearing the men, helmet at Kendo training in AizuWakamatsu, Japan - Photo © Flavio Gallozzi - All rights reserved.

Open discussion #2!

Which cut looks the best to you?

In my opinion, men!

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Impressive Japanese kendo tournament.


OMG don’t evennnnnn
So excited.

Open discussion time!

You perform a cut, and you follow through with zanshin. However, you turn around with one hand on the shinai raised above your head in case your opponent is coming at you.

Good or bad? I have been mulling this one over for a few days. It would be interesting to hear from a shinpan’s perspective.

I assume that if the cut is worthy of ippon, then the flags should be raised by the time your zanshin is finished, but still. I’m a bit hmmm on this one.


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Do Do Do Do Do~~

I actually love the way dou looks when it’s done in shiai. It’s like WoaHHHHHHHHHH.


Kendo. Japan 2014.

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Kendo. Japan 2014.

Thank you all!!

I’m gonna do my country proud!



It’s time!

Tomorrow I leave for Melbourne!
Tryouts for the Australian National Kendo Team are on Saturday and Sunday.
By 4:30pm Sunday I will know if I made it.


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